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Metallic Structure, Blacksmithing and Steel Construction.

industrial park

Design, Structural Calculation, Manufacturing and Installation.

Metallic structures

We manufacture and design metal structures throughout the republic, always following quality standards in each work. Each of the projects we have carried out at AVANTIA METÁLES in the area of metallic structures complies with rigidity, stability and resistance.

The advantages of opting for the manufacture of metal structures is that they allow you to reduce dramatically the construction times and the total cost, besides, they are easy to install even in small spaces and can be left ready to receive modifications in the future.

  • Attics / Mezzanines.

  • Doors / Gates.

  • Pergola Structure and Roofs

  • Perimeter Barriers and Roofs.

  • Stairs / Railings.

  • Access.



Processes and certifications


- Our processes and personnel are certified under the AWS standards.


- Our manufacturing processes are based on the AISC and the IMCA.


- Mechanical cleaning and painting. NRF-053 PEMEX standard. SSPC / NACE.


- All our processes have implemented the Lean Manufacturing philosophy.


- We use Losacero and Panel Isolated.

Installed capacity.

We have an Installed processing capacity of more than 1200 tons per month.




  • Design and calculation

  • INDUSTRIAL production plant.

  • Cutting and bending equipment

  • Specialized welding

  • Shipments

  • Field assembly.

  • Industrial Cranes, Forklifts and Specialized Transport.

  • All our work is guaranteed.



20 years warranty

Metallic structure


Steel Construction

  • Metallic buildings.

  • Parking lots.

  • Commercial Places

  • Bridges

  • Platforms

  • Walkers



  • Outdoor Business Signs

  • Tanks and Containers

  • Silos

  • Bases for machinery.

  • Bases for Pump.

  • Emptying Pots.



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