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About Us

Founded in the State of Queretaro, Avantia Metales S.A. de C.V., is a company that has more than two decades of experience in its founding partners, integrating construction projects of industrial buildings and metal structure, as well as series manufacturing processes with high levels of engineering.


We have a broad and avant-garde infrastructure, which allows us to offer quality and efficient projects.


We also have specialists, directors and Site Managers within the company, who provide design, calculation of engineering, cost control and quality assessments.


We are a company that offers a complete range of DESIGN, ENGINEERING AND PROJECT services in CONSTRUCTION and METAL MANUFACTURE, serving Mexican and foreign companies in Mexico, E.E. U.U and Canada with excellent results. Our customers can confirm it.

Our Mission
hand workers

Create the best metal solutions for the industry.


Develop metallic products that generate experiences of success and value for employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.


Avantia Metales is a highly competitive company, the strategy is mainly to participate in new international markets and grow internally at the same time. This will assure the generation of more complete process lines, in order to provide a single solution to our customers and thus be more profitable.

Our Vision

To be a dynamic organization with a participation and sustainable growth in the METALMECHANICS industry, offering a line of engineering products by Avantia Metales .


In Avantia Metales, we have cutting edge technology for the development of metallic solutions, that is why we have developed projects in which we have been growing; acquiring machinery of the highest technology with numerical control.


- CNC bending machines

- CNC Punchers

- CNC shears

- CNC Lathe and Mill

- Cut.

- Baked Powder Paint Line.

- Cranes and Transport.





20 years


Warranty and Certifications.


  • In our roofing materials we offer 20 years warranty and 5 years in waterproofing

  • We have processes that ensure an integral execution of the projects in an efficient and reliable way, thus guaranteeing the fulfillment of the quality, the projected deadlines and budgets.

  • Our clients can trusts us completely, we offer guarantees on: Advance, Compliance, Good Quality and Hidden Vices.

  • Always in accordance with international standards such as ISO-9000, ASTM, AWS, ANSI and NEMA.


The standards of safety, quality and strict control of all our work programs give us the possibility to offer our customers rigorous compliance both in quality and delivery time.




P.S. "He who does not live to serve, does not SERVE to LIVE" - Anonymous





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