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Construction and Manufacturing

Avantia Metales S.A. de C.V., comprises three divisions:
-Construction and Metallic Structure-
- Metal Products Manufacturing-
- Cranes and Specialized Transport -

Construction of industrial warehouses and vaults.


- Design
- Projects
- Engineering
- Building.

Design, Calculation, Civil Works (Excavations, Foundations,Masonry), Structural Work (Metallic Structure and roofs), electrical installations, plumbing installations, special installations and finishes.

We offer integral projects adapted to our client's needs. 

Lamination and covers.


- Metallic mezzanines (Losacero).

- Covers with hidden fixation (KR - 18, Galvalok).
- Covers with exposed fixation (R-101, R 72, RN - 100/35).
- Multypanel (Insulating Panel).
- Arched roofs (Self-supporting cover).
- Facades (Skirts).

metallic structure

It includes: Design, Structural Calculation, Manufacturing and Assembly.

-- Metallic structure..
- Mezzanines / Attics
- Outdoor Business Signs 
- Platforms / Bridges.
- Walkers / Stairs / Railings.
- Perimeter Barriers.
- Doors / Gates.

Metallic Structure, Pailer and Blacksmith

Other Processes ...

- Manufacturing of Metal Products.
- Sheet Transformation (Punching, Die-cutting, cutting, bending, rolling and sub-assembling).
- Lathe, Mill and Machining Centers.
- Electrostatic Painting Application.
- Cranes and Transport.


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