At Avantia Metals, we integrate a series of manufacturing processes, supported by a great team, in addition to cutting-edge technology in which we can make the entire development of our own products and maquila products, satisfying all customer needs.

Metal Stamping (Die Cutting, Punching, Rolling, Cutting and Bending).

Steel Cutting
(Horizontal and Vertical Band Saw, Pantograph, Plasma, Oxycut and Shear)


Industrial Machining
(Lathe, Milling, Precision Machining and Production)

Electrostatic Painting Line.
- Baked Powder Paint.



Maquila products. (Manufacturing of products.)

Our Own Products (Avantia Metales Engineering)

Floor Cabinets for Batteries.

Batteries Cabinets (Solar Luminaires).


Processes and certifications

- Our processes and personnel are certified under the AWS standards.


- Our manufacturing processes are based on the AISC and the IMCA.


- Mechanical cleaning and painting. NRF-053 PEMEX standard. SSPC / NACE.


- All our processes have implemented the Lean Manufacturing philosophy.


- We work Losacero and Panel Isolated.

At Avantia Metals, we have cutting edge technology for the development of metallic solutions, that is why we have developed projects in which we have been growing, acquiring machinery of the highest technology with numerical control.


- CNC bending machines

- CNC Punchers

- CNC shears

- CNC Lathe and Mill

- Cut.

- Baked Powder Paint Line.








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