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Lamination and Covers

In AVANTIA METALES we have the experience of having installed a large amount of m2 in roof lamination with different systems in the market.


Thanks to the constant training of our personnel, as well as the use of different certificates:  sheet profiles, accessories and sealing elements, we can offer guarantees to our clients.

Processes and certifications


  • 20 year guarantee in our roofing materials

  • 5 years guarantee in hermeticity.

-  Metallic mezzanines (Losacero).
- Covers with hidden fixation (KR - 18, Galvalok).
- Covers with exposed fixation (R-101, R 72, RN - 100/35).
- Multypanel (Insulating Panel).
- Arched roofs (Self-supporting cover).
- Facades (Skirts).

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